"He speaks like 13 languages. It’s like what!?! I hate you!"

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Duggie_Dugz: @DarrenCriss mr u are a star!!!

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Vote for Darren Criss for “Choice Male Scene Stealer” at the 2014 Teen Choice Awards

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I have uploaded all my G4 photos! Some are kinda shit and the quality isn’t 100% the best, but here they are if you want to see them.

If you want to use them for something, great! However I’d love if you credited me, as these have no watermark and to be honest I’d love to see whatever it is you do with them!

Also, please don’t remove this comment.


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Darren took a 14 hour flight,was held up at the airport for a few hours and then came straight to a meet and greet (when he was told he could do it tomorrow) and met 250 fans and hugged every single one of them and genuinely seemed so happy to meet everyone, I’ve never seen a celebrity who cares about their fans that much before.

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We’re a team. We’re getting married.
We’re a team. We’re getting married.
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